Below are two companies that WBMC, Inc. owns. One, an e-commerce Green Living Website, the other, a Film Production company.

  • Gone Green Store

    Gone Green was founded in 2008 by William Hamburg. Shortly after, his brother Brian and joined forces and combined their companies and knowledge to create GreenPlanetParadise.com and later GoneGreen.org, GoneGreenStore.com, GoneGreenSolar.org and many others to help spread the truth about The Real Green Movement.

    To learn more about the REAL Green Movement. Please visit: GoneGreen.org

  • Still Light Productions, Inc.

      Still Light Productions, Inc. is a fully staffed group of individuals that are passionate about creating positive change through film. We believe that with film, we can help inspire people to think outside of the box and to explore new ways of consciousness. We have been “consciousness connoisseurs” our whole lives. Coming from Sedona, […]

  • Gone Green Solar, LLC

    Gone Green Solar is an International Distributor of patented on-grid and off-grid solar power solutions. We can offer everything from actual solar panels, batteries, and equipment to monitoring and security of your new power source. With the ability to withstand hurricane winds, your system will truly be your power security for your family, office or industrial spaces.

    For more information, visit: http://gonegreensolar.org

  • Gone Green Superfoods, LLC

    Gone Green Superfoods is an International Distributor of Cacao and Superfoods.

    We not only distribute Organic and Fair-Trade Cacao and Superfoods products, we also source most of our products directly with the farmers and co-ops in the many countries we operate in.

    We are committed to the health and sustainability of our planet and it’s resources.

    Our mission is:

    “To Create Social, Economic & Environmental Solutions For All People Worldwide”

    Learn more about us and the Gone Green mission here: http://gonegreen.org

  • Gone Green Records, LLC

    Gone Green Records is an independently owned Record Label and Studio located in Arizona. We believe in putting our positive music and helping “Former Offenders” and troubled youth through Hip Hip. Gone Green Records, LLC is also the label that exclusively represents the rapper BEN STEEZY who is currently ranked #1 on ReverbNation.com. To book BenSteezy or to learn more, please visit: hhttp://www.reverbnation.com/bensteezy

  • Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise

    Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise or Green Lifestyles Magazine is an nationally distributed Green Living magazine that educates people by bringing eco living styles and ideas to the world. As the sponsor of Green Festival, Harmony Festival, Go Green Expo, Raw Spirit Festival and many others, we are the leading publication in the Green Movement.

    To learn more about Green Lifestyles Magazine and to read some of our articles please visit: http://GreenPlanetParadise.com