Company History

The best way to learn about who we are is to learn a little about what we did.

It all started in a hot dry desert. No, really. We grew up in the hot summers of beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

In 2006, our mother, Joey Best, created the magazine GREEN Lifestyles on Planet Paradise and copy righted the name for national use. With the creation if this publication we had our first national publication. Joey also had 2 other publications that were based locally in my hometown, and famous U.S. tourist destination, Sedona, Arizona.


After a few years, we launched our first nationwide P.R. campaign. We attended 13 trade shows in one year time and were finally making progress with the magazine and gaining national recognition. We had the publication being sold in Barnes & Nobles, Borders, many grocery store chains, and were just getting into the health food stores such as New Frontiers and Whole Foods Market.


At the peak of all this came the inevitable, “Crash of 2008” in the US. Although the magazine was doing wonderful in the stores and with advertising, it was our distributors of the magazine that collapsed. Two of the largest magazine distributors in the U.S. collapsed and filled bankruptcy while holding 90% of our magazines. This was devastating to us and our advertisers and by this time, we had to make an important decision.


Joey was ready to drop the magazine completely and cut the losses on the last issue we printed that never made it to news stands. She already had a successful publication in Sedona for the tourists that was also taking a hit from the the crash and she felt she needed to focus all of her attention on recovery of this.


In October 2009, Brian Wentzel (founder of WBMC, Inc.) and I decided that we wanted to keep the GREEN vision going. We closed the magazine, but kept the business going and by February 2010, we had launched our first e-commerce website at


For more than 3 years, we have grown our e-commerce website from selling just a few items to now having almost 1,000 items on our site! Currently, we are in the process of launching several new websites over the coming months. is now our dedicated e-Commerce website and has grown tremendously since 2010 into leader for all Green Living Supplements and Eco Home Products.


We are currently developing to be our dedicated solar supply website having over 2,000 products available cheaper than any other solar company online. We are working diligently to complete this and hope to have this live in the next 3 months. is now our “LIfestyle” website where articles from our magazine and other Green Lifestyle related topics will be posted. Finally, is where all activism topics are posted where our passionate readers can have an outlet to get more involved in creating the solutions that are needed. With it’s mission to “Create Social, Economic and Environmental justice to all people worldwide”.


Current Projects:


As of right now, we pledge to our customers that we will plant a tree for every product they buy. This is done by a wonderful collaboration with an organization in Ethiopia that works across the world to find areas of severe deforestation and coordinates volunteers to help plant the seedlings that we have donated. To date (July, 2013), we have helped plant over 80,000 trees in Ethiopia and are planting 3,500 every month!


Furthermore, we also work with an another Charity that helps dig wells in areas of the world where people do not have access to clean drinking water. Right now, for every Water Structure Unit we sell, we donate to provide clean drinking water to someone in Ethiopia for life. We plan to build at least 10 wells that will provide clean drinking water to over 10,000 people for life in Rwanda.


Other than our Green business, we also have a film production company, (Still Light Productions, Inc.) which has one completed documentary, one in pre-production, one in production and one film in post production. We also shoot commercials, webinars, and video marketing for clients.


Lastly, we also have a marketing company, (WBMC, Inc.) where we help people with their branding, marketing, and designs of websites. Also, the design of labeling and other marketing materials. We currently have a team of 10 and are growing fast. Our team consists of graphic designers, programmers, copy writers, photographers, videographers, and advisors, more.


We hope that you will join us for your next project. We are happy to assist.